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Circular Salad Counters

Today as customers are moving towards buffets and salad buffets. Traditionally, a Cold Bain Marie isplaced in a corner of the buffet to be used as a salad counter. Few restaurants also use refrigerated display counters to give it a modern look or for better accessibility.

Technosteel provides a modern circular design for a refrigerated salad counter that becomes the centre of attraction of the buffet. The counter is suitable for starters, salads, and desserts.

These circular salad counters are available in varying sizes up to a diameter of 6 ft. To gel will the interior of the buildingthese can be supplied with granite, marble, veneer, laminate, corian or with a simple stainless finishes. The whole counter can be madeto rotate automaticallyfor ease of use,andwith shelf below for accessing the plates and spoons easily.

Today you can see our circular salad counters at various restaurants and lounges including the loyalty lounge at T2 Terminal, Mumbai Airport or attheFariyas Resort, Lonavala etc.

Chinese Range

Chinese cooking is very different from Indian cooking. Not only are the utensils different but also the cooking temperature is quite high and intense. The Indian hobs thus cannot be used for the Chinese cooking. The high temperature required for cookingChinese, causes the ambient temperature to rise in the kitchen, thereby causing heat issues for the chef and other personnel around.

Technosteel introduces a Chinese range that is designed especially for the wok used for the cooking as well as keeping the whole area a lot cooler. This is achieved by usingan insulated dome shaped design with a special high pressure burner insideit. This range also comes with a cooling water tap to keep the whole apparatus at cooler ambient temperatures. This also helps in keeping the kitchen very compact.

The multiple Chinese range is being used by top Chinese Restaurants like Mainland China, China Bristo, Asia Kitchen etc. on a pan-India basis is a big thumbs-up to our innovative designs.

Gas Based Bulk Fryer

When it comes to frying Indian snacks like samosas,wadas, jalebisetc, volume is often the name of the game. For such high volumes an electric fryer cannot provide the temperature at short notice. Technosteel introduces its own gas based design that can not only provide quick heating of the oil by using gas but also provides temperature control that is possible by using an electric fryer.

With a single switch control, our bulk fryer provides digital temperature control, auto gas switch-ON and switch-OFF. This also helps in increasing the gas efficiency. We also provide a flame sensor and auto ignition for enhanced safety.

The bulk fryers today hold an important place in many corporate canteen kitchens as well as various Rail Dhabas on the Indian Railways kitchens.


Technosteel is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of commercial kitchen & Refrigeration equipment for hotels, restaurants, food courts and other institutions catering to the needs of food and beverage industry in India.



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